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Know exactly where your food comes from and how it's been grown by buying direct from independent farmers and producers. See the farmers behind your food and learn more about their growing practices.


Purton House Organics

Purton House was born out of the love for great quality food produced in a way that works with nature, and creates biodiversity. Over 20 years ago, while farmers were being pushed towards more intensive systems, we decided to turn organic to fit with our true love for tasty and healthy food.

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The Pasture Raised Egg Co

The Pasture Raised Egg Co is part of a share farming system with its partners which is great for helping new entrants into the industry like Ben. The whole estate is currently managed under regenerative agriculture meaning the farming approach focuses on restoring soils that have been degraded by the industrial, agricultural system. Its methods promote healthier ecosystems by rebuilding soil organic matter through holistic farming and grazing techniques.

Meet The Pasture Raised Egg Co

Wookey Farm

We started our farm in 2010 with a handful of goats and a desire to make a successful farm business on a small scale. We now have up to 150 goats depending on the time of year, divided between meat and dairy. Our dairy herd are mainly British Toggenburg goats who produce deliciously creamy milk, ideal for cheese making.

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Living Soil Garden

All of our vegetables are grown on 1/2 acre of permanent beds, cultivated without chemicals, machinery or tillage. At Living Soil Garden, we aim to grow food while regenerating our landscape and nurturing natural ecosystems.

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Grown Green

We grow organic salads, veggies, herbs, flowers and fruit on our 2.5 acre market garden at Hartley Farm near Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire. Kate and her team have been experimenting with new varieties and colourful crops for over 10 years, to grow the best and freshest, triple award-winning organic produce for both body and mind.

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From field to fridge in 36 hours

Packed full of flavour and nutrients that haven't deteriorated on the long journey to the supermarket shelves. Fresh food has never tasted so good.

Seasonal food you’re not afraid to eat

Farmers let us know what’s ready for harvest each week meaning you get the best seasonal produce picked at the perfect moment.

70% of every £1 goes back to the farmer

Did you know only 8% of the retail price goes back to the farmer when you shop at a supermarket? We think there’s a better way to buy our food than that. A way that’s fairer, fresher and more sustainable. A way that puts the farmer back in the centre.




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