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Billy's Blog - Episode 1

Hi, my name is Billy and I own and live at Augernik Fruit Farm in South Shropshire. I live with my wife and son, my 2 dogs (Molly & Treacle), 2 Cats (Fudge & Jack) and a tame pheasant.
My family has been farming organically since 1940 on numerous little Smallholdings. In 1988 my Dad had had enough of the rat race decided to quit his job and become a Fruit farmer in Shropshire and asked would I like to join him. So I quit my job in London and 33 years later I'm still here.
I'm writing this while I have my morning coffee on the decking, looking directly at Cleehill. It's a beautiful day, clear blue skies with just two Buzzards riding the thermals, calling to each other.
It's going to be another hot 'un today and it's already 25°c in the shade. Thankfully I've finished picking in the Fruit cage for the day, yesterday was horrendous, reaching 45°c under the net as me, my wife and son picked Gooseberries.
Today's jobs include picking off the damaged damsons and cutting grass on my little tractor.
If you want to see a little bit more about my Farm, look on BBC iPlayer "Farmer's Country Showdown - S5 Ep10: Moseley wine"
Keep safe and keep well 
Best wishes