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Billy's Blog - Episode 2

Hi every peeps,
Thought I'd say a little bit about my Farm. It's westward, facing the Cleehill (1800ft) going from 400ft by the brook at the bottom to 800ft at the top, so you're either walking up or down. The Valley we're on is a horseshoe one, which means we have a micro climate which is similar to central France. This is why I can grow Apricots, Almonds, Mirabelles and Walnuts as the Summer and Autumn are hot and long here. It does mean that our house heats up like an oven and in winter we are exposed to cold north winds.
I'm writing this on a mizzly, drizzly Sunday morning, bringing much needed rain to the Gooseberries. The hill is shrouded in mist and my dogs (being sensible creatures) are tucked up in bed, waiting for the rain to end before going out. I can't cut the grass today as the wet grass would clog up the mower, so I'm strimming and checking all of the grafts I did in March. I grafted up about 500 trees and about 350 took, with some now 5ft tall. They're mainly Victoria plum, damson and gage with some Spartan Apples.
If anybody has any questions about the Farm please get in contact via Furrow and I will try my best to answer them in future blogs
Wishing you all good health