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Billy's Blog - Episode 3

It's a drizzly sort of day and I'm trying to dodge the showers. I've just had my second change of clothes and the appeal of getting soaked again means you've all got to put up with my musings.
The season is starting to progress after a slow start, although I'm still a good  fortnight  behind last year. The Gooseberries are about halfway through with about 3 weeks to go. The Green walnuts are just starting and will be around for a fortnight. I expect to start on Raspberries by next Friday and Blueberries 10 days after.
Today I'm trying to pick a large order of Green walnuts for a distillery who will be making Nocino liqueur with them. I have 240 walnut trees in 2 Orchards. Normally I have 2 pickers helping me, a couple of lovely ladies who retired here from London but they both have family up this weekend, so I'm on my own.
During the heavy rain this morning I helped(hindered) my wife with our spare bedroom that she's doing up to let through Airbnb. My little dog Molly finally showed up half an hour a go, looking like a drowned rat, after disappearing at 12. She's a little so and so, constantly disappearing, thankfully she rarely leaves the Farm.
The weather has improved, so I'm back out picking walnuts. Pity I can't find my waterproofs, looks like I'll get wet least its warm.
Wishing you all good health
Augernik Fruit Farm