Five Foods That Give You Energy

With back to school season upon us, this week we are chatting you through five organic foods that will provide you with energy for those early mornings and long days!

But first, exactly how does food provide us with fuel?

The main contents of most foods: carbohydrates, fats and proteins, contain calories. Our bodies slowly break down these elements throughout the day, giving us energy. Food also contains vitamins and minerals and while these don’t directly give you energy, they help convert nutrients to fuel. 


A long-standing crowd pleaser, apples are packed full of nutrients and fibre that give boosts of energy while being easy to pack and eat.  A recent paper even found that apples contain antioxidants that can prevent stress. Close Farm have delicious ‘pick of the day’ apples that they harvest from 960 different breeds of apple to find the freshest for that day.


Another firm family favourite, potatoes contain complex carbs that slowly release energy. They also contain lots of fibre which keeps you fuller for longer throughout the day. Fibre also helps to prevent illnesses such as heart disease and keeps your digestive system functioning healthily. We have a huge variety of potatoes on the market, so have an explore and look forward to those hearty autumn meals

Dark leafy greens

As well as containing abundant nutrients and antioxidants, dark leafy greens such as kale  and spinach are packed full of protein which helps keep you energised. Eating your greens is very important for all aspects of health, especially as the weather turns colder.


The perfect breakfast candidate, yoghurt provides natural protein, carbs and fats that all have essential energy providing properties. We have an array of different flavours made using organic milk.


An alternative breakfast option, eggs are best when they are fresh, as the chickens have been treated with the best possible care and given the most space to roam! One hard boiled egg contains 6 grams of protein, which helps keep you full. Check out our ‘All Star breakfast’ recipe, along with many others on our website.