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What is Permaculture?

  The permaculture concept is a sustainable farming technique, that goes beyond how we use the land to include the way in which we build houses, use waste and produce energy. It is a way of life or “culture”, that aims to marry human activity with nature so that we can sustainably or “permanently” meet our needs without jeopardising the health of the environment. The word itself comes from the amalgamation of “permanent agriculture”, or more recently “permanent culture”.   The pioneer behind this practice – Bill Mollison (with David Holgrem) – brought together his philosophy after observing the natural trajectory of plant communities in the Australian rainforests and deserts. He has termed his realisation of how to apply ecology to agriculture as the “revelation” moment of his age, and wrote the first blueprint for the approach, ‘Permaculture One’, in 1978. [i] Since then, permaculture has become...

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