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The Health Benefits Of Organic Foods

Food is really important. That might seem obvious, but when you break it down you can really see just how pivotal our food is. We need it to have the energy to get out of bed each day, to keep our bodies fit, to feed our brains, and of course to enjoy great flavours! When you think of healthy foods, what do you envisage? A balanced diet? Plenty of fruit and vegetables? Limited junk food? These are all of course good food choices, but there could be another way to make sure you are keeping healthy… organic foods.  How does organic food have more nutritional value? It has been proven that organic food contains greater nutrients such as iron, magnesium...

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Revolutionising the food system: How the current system affects our health and makes us sick

Hi there! Welcome to the first post in our six-part series on “Revolutionising the food system”. As part of Furrow’s mission to reconnect with our food, we hope these articles provide you with insight and understanding of the implications of our current food system. In parts 1, 2, 3 and 4, we’ll be discussing the health, climate, ecological and ethical impacts. In part 5, we’ll share what we believe a sustainable food system looks like, before talking about the benefits of that system in part 6. Together, we can revolutionise how we feed ourselves and our planet.   Living a long, fulfilling life requires maintaining good health, but the current food system makes us sick. As Ralph Waldo Emerson famously...

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Rethinking the Future of Food

No matter where we are from or what language we speak, every single person on this planet eats food every day. It’s what keeps us alive, nourished and energised. Yet, in recent years, our society has become so disconnected from what we eat that we don’t ever stop to think about the implications of our consumption choices. Most of us are unaware of the impacts of the centralised, industrialised food system through which we consume our food. This system is one in which profit and efficiency trumps all else, at the expense of our health and the future of our planet. This approach to producing, harvesting, distributing, and purchasing food is unsustainable and must change now. The impacts of the...

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