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The Health Benefits Of Organic Foods

Food is really important. That might seem obvious, but when you break it down you can really see just how pivotal our food is. We need it to have the energy to get out of bed each day, to keep our bodies fit, to feed our brains, and of course to enjoy great flavours! When you think of healthy foods, what do you envisage? A balanced diet? Plenty of fruit and vegetables? Limited junk food? These are all of course good food choices, but there could be another way to make sure you are keeping healthy… organic foods.  How does organic food have more nutritional value? It has been proven that organic food contains greater nutrients such as iron, magnesium...

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Billy's Blog - Episode 3

It's a drizzly sort of day and I'm trying to dodge the showers. I've just had my second change of clothes and the appeal of getting soaked again means you've all got to put up with my musings. The season is starting to progress after a slow start, although I'm still a good  fortnight  behind last year. The Gooseberries are about halfway through with about 3 weeks to go. The Green walnuts are just starting and will be around for a fortnight. I expect to start on Raspberries by next Friday and Blueberries 10 days after. Today I'm trying to pick a large order of Green walnuts for a distillery who will be making Nocino liqueur with them. I have...

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Billy's Blog - Episode 2

Hi every peeps, Thought I'd say a little bit about my Farm. It's westward, facing the Cleehill (1800ft) going from 400ft by the brook at the bottom to 800ft at the top, so you're either walking up or down. The Valley we're on is a horseshoe one, which means we have a micro climate which is similar to central France. This is why I can grow Apricots, Almonds, Mirabelles and Walnuts as the Summer and Autumn are hot and long here. It does mean that our house heats up like an oven and in winter we are exposed to cold north winds. I'm writing this on a mizzly, drizzly Sunday morning, bringing much needed rain to the Gooseberries. The hill is shrouded...

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The Hunger Gap

What is the Hunger gap? You might be surprised to know that every year, Britain experiences a brief period of what is known as the ‘Hunger gap’ (sometimes also called the ‘Hungry gap’) – typically between March to May. However, since modern food systems and supermarkets ensure that we have a continuous supply of various food, we never actually have to go hungry.     But back in the days when people didn’t have access to supermarkets, they had to get through these months relying on crops like potatoes and cabbage. This is because of UK’s geography – with a relatively high latitude, spring crops cannot be grown any earlier as it would be too cold. Also, by the time...

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