7 ways to use your Labneh

Labneh is thick and spreadable, made by straining bio yoghurt to produce a tangy, creamy cheese. Here are 7 ideas for how to use your labneh!

  1. Delicious for dips and spreads, labneh is traditionally used with olive oil and Zatar (a middle eastern blend of herbs and spices), but a twist of salt and pepper works great too
  2. Flat-leaf parsley, tarragon or fresh mint are wonderful chopped up and scattered over the top, as are finely chopped radishes and sea salt
  3. Blend with roasted peppers for a flatbread or jacket potatoes topping, or to serve alongside grilled or roasted meat
  4. Season with herbs of your choice, lemon juice and garlic to use in a Spanakopita with filo pastry
  5. Swap it for Mascarpone in your favourite cheesecake recipe, the result will be tangier and a great contrast to sweet, fruit toppings
  6. Stir into cooked dishes such as pasta
  7. Use as a topping for cakes and buns

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