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Bio Natura

Bio Natura is an organic cooperative based in the southern region of Sicily. “The Earth offers what she is given” Rosario Lauria, the founder Bionatura Soc. Coop. tells us. Saro has more than 30 years of experience in the agricultural field and his respect for the Earth, which he got from his father, has been handed down to his children Elisa, Giovanna and Vittorio.

Bio Natura Soc. Coop. started in July 2007, when ten producers came together. All ten already had vast experience developed over years in the production and marketing of organic products and so the journey of Bio Natura began.The farm is nestled in the Chiaramonte countryside, between the green plain of Acate, Mazzarrone and Comiso, in the southern region on Sicily, at an altitude of over 600 meters. Thanks to the excellent climatic conditions and fertile soil, the farm is able to provide high quality products. 

In the tunnels and greenhouses all the plastic used to suppress weed growth is fully compostable so at the end of a growing season it has broken down fully into the soil. Companion planting is used with wheat planted in rows amongst the courgette plants to provide a home for all the beneficial insects that Saro uses to his own advantage in controlling the insect pests that farmers don’t want.

We have partnered with Langridge Organic to supply organic fruit and vegetables from across the UK and Europe. Sourced from their network of trusted farms this enables us to offer customers a broader range of produce, especially during the fallow months of Spring and Early Summer.

Langridge Organic have a no-airfreight policy and endeavour to reduce the amount of plastic used for their produce, and we believe this fits the Furrow ethos, as well the expectations of our customers.

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