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Berkeley Farm Dairy

We are a family run partnership supplying organic milk, cream and butter to shops and wholesalers across southern England.The dairy products are made using milk from our own herd of Guernsey cows as well as two local organic herds.

Berkeley Farm Dairy is owned and run by the Gosling family who have been producing and supplying Guernsey milk since 1908.
We aim to produce the best quality milk on the market. How do we achieve this?We use organic milk. Organic milk is better for your health as organic dairy farmers do not use pesticides or fertilisers and are heavily restricted on their use of cattle hormones and antibiotics.

We use traditional methods of milk processing which focus on taste rather than convenience. We pasteurise our milk but do not homogenise like most dairies. Homogenising breaks down the milk fats which we think affects the taste. Our milk has a traditional 'cream line' which is only seen in milk that has not been homogenised.

Our luxury products are made using milk from Guernsey Cows. Guernsey cows are a traditional breed and we believe their milk to be the best tasting due to its high butterfat and rich and creamy texture. 

We have partnered with Langridge Organic to supply organic fruit and vegetables from across the UK and Europe. Sourced from their network of trusted farms this enables us to offer customers a broader range of produce, especially during the fallow months of Spring and Early Summer.

Langridge Organic have a no-airfreight policy and endeavour to reduce the amount of plastic used for their produce, and we believe this fits the Furrow ethos, as well the expectations of our customers.

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Purton House Organics

Purton House Organics is a family-run mixed organic farm of 70 hectares outside Swindon and we’ve been growing vegetables and produce beef since the last century. Our farm was born out of the love for excellent quality food, produced in a way that works with nature and creates biodiversity.  

Over 20 years ago, while agricultural innovations pushed farmers towards more intensive systems, we decided to turn organic to fit with our genuine love for tasty and healthy food. We wanted to supply veg to pursue our organic ideal and keep producing delicious food. After more than 25 years of farming, our passion for amazing flavours is still there, and we are all proud of the veg, fruit, eggs and meat that we deliver to your door. 

We’re proud that our farm has held organic status since 1997. One of our farmers, Rowie Meers, is dedicated to the organic way of life and obsessed with healthy eating, especially unprocessed and raw foods. She is a passionate advocate of ethical farming, sustainability and respect for nature – everything we do at Purton House puts the environment and the animals first.  

The real bosses here are the chickens, who ride the tractors and pretty much rule the roost. While the hens hitch­hike, Rowie and her sheepdog Loopy take a walk around the farm to check on the vegetables – including the nine polytunnels in which we grow heat-loving aubergines, melons and oriental greens. Staffed by our daughters, nephews, nieces and friends, Purton House is a true family venture – and workers who aren’t related are treated just like they are! Lunch is served to all workers, and anyone idly wandering into the kitchen would find it impossible to tell who was family and who wasn’t. 

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6 Eggs - Mixed Size
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