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Brother Joe's Kitchen

Brother Joe's Kitchen is a small operation based in the Southside of London, Croydon. Its creator Joseph Chaganiza, aka Brother Joe, started the company back in 2020, having worked in several restaurants in the west end of London as a chef. The experience helped shape Joe's well-rounded knowledge of fusing ingredients together to create his delicious brand of BJK ginger beverages, marinades, hot sauces, and dressings.

From our allotment on Beulah Spa to our production kitchen, our products have been created with one idea in mind and that is to liven up, compliment, and bring life to dull dishes. We use some of the herbs and chillis that are grown on our plot to make our marinades and hot sauces.

BJK started off by doing one-to-one online cooking tutorials to help and encourage people to cook fresh food from scratch, using the basic ingredients found in their kitchens. The response to the tutorials was great and launched the demand for us to package some of the recipes ideas that we showcased. And so birthed the BJK brand of products that would help the novice cook shine every time they cooked solo. The first product we bottled was our Érb marinade paste, which has been a great hit with many of our first-time cooks. In addition, we now produce infused ginger beers, hot sauces, salad dressings, and marinades

Brighten up your tastebuds with pure flavors and try something new from our range of BJK products.

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