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Chesil Smokery

Mark and his wife Fiona took over the traditional smokery at Bridport, West Dorset, in 2011 when Chesil Smokery was founded. Their passion lies in taking the finest British produce and gently smoking it over oak, applewood and peat, and this has become an obsession of theirs ever since.

They create delicious smoked fish, meat and poultry using traditional methods that do justice to the ingredients they're brought by their suppliers. All their wonderful goodies are made from animals, fish and birds that have lived the right kind of life (as far as humanely and practically possible). They do source from the most sustainable and ethical sources. Local is ideal, where practical, but they'll go further if that means better quality. They've found out, through experience, that when producing the best food, they can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. They only use the best – and we like to think it shows.

Fresh from Chesil Smokery

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