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Court Lodge Organics

We’re a family farm run by David and Marian and a wonderful group of local people, all of whom ‘buy into’ the organic vision of producing healthy food from happy cows on healthy land. Sustainability and encouragement of biodiversity are important elements of our farming system, as is the wellbeing of our cows. Part of the land we farm is a wildlife reserve owned by the Sussex Wildlife Trust, which is managed as grazing marshland and is where the young cattle spend their summers, and the cows that are ‘dry’ (i.e. between lactations) go for a holiday away from the milking parlour.

Our milking cows spend at least 200 days a year grazing herbal leys and clover rich pastures which build up fertility in the soil and capture carbon at the same time.

Over the 30 years we’ve farmed here we have created and extended habitats on the farm, including woodland, and a reedbed which has attracted some wonderful specialist birds such as bearded reedlings and marsh harriers, and invertebrates such as the 13 spot ladybird, fen raft spider and pondweed leafhopper. We have also installed solar panels on the farm buildings which help to power the milking parlour and dairy.

Our live organic yoghurts are made in small batches in our little dairy adjacent to the milking ‘parlour’, using milk that comes straight from the cows.  It is pasteurised, but not homogenised, before making into a range of yoghurt products using probiotic cultures, including lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis.

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