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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes, we charge a flat £1.95 delivery fee on all orders with no minimum spend. Orders will be delivered on Thursday afternoon, less than 36 hours after harvest


Why do you sell meat, I thought it was bad for the planet?

It’s true, intensively farmed meat is horrible for the planet, us, and the animals. However, our farmers don’t farm like that. Their livestock are allowed to roam freely as part of a regenerative system, helping to return carbon to the soil. Cows, sheep, pigs and chickens are rotated around biodiverse fields. Soils are a natural carbon sink, with plants sucking carbon out of the atmosphere and sequestering it in their roots. Cows, sheep and pigs fertilise this land with their manure, while chickens following behind them help spread it across the field. This holistic system helps re-fertilise the land, avoiding the use of carbon-producing and water-polluting fertiliser and returning carbon from the air to the soil.


Why is my meat frozen?

Selling a whole animal is hard work - there’s a lot of meat! Some of our farmers freeze their meat while they sell it over a short period to ensure it retains maximum freshness and quality. Don’t worry, once it’s defrosted it tastes just as fresh.


Why don’t you have more items?

We’re working tirelessly to connect more farmers to our market. More farms are joining every week and bringing their vast array of produce with them. If there are any items you particularly want, please let us know!


Why do you have an order cutoff each week?

To consolidate orders and make it easier for the small farms we work with, we’ve created a cutoff point for orders each week. This enables them to do one big harvest and ensures you get the freshest produce possible.


What if I miss the order deadline for the week?

We’re sorry you missed the deadline. Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for you.


When will the store re-open each week?

We update the items that are available each Friday, providing you with a 4-day window to place your order.


What packaging do you deliver in?

We avoid single-use and non-recyclable packaging as much as possible. Farmers send their items to us in re-usable boxes insulated with wool, which can be re-used and composted at the end of its usable life. We deliver your items to you in brown paper bags (like the ones you see in American movies). Some individual items are wrapped in packaging for freshness and ease of transporting. We try and make this packaging as environmentally-friendly as possible, using compostable or paper bags if we can. Some items are unable to be safely and freshly transported in these and we use recyclable plastic. We are constantly working on ways to reduce our environmental footprint, if you have any suggestions, please get in touch.


Why is my food dirty?

Our food is fresh from the farm and hasn’t been processed. This means some soil may remain on the food and occassionally you’ll find an unexpected insect using the food as a home or a tasty treat. We see these things as a sign of freshness and natural harmony. Don’t worry, everything is still perfectly safe to eat - simply give it a quick wash under water to remove the soil.


What measures are you taking as a result of Covid-19?

We take food safety very seriously and have put in place additional measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. All processing and delivery workers are required to wear gloves and a mask while handling your food.


Where can I provide feedback?

Whether it’s constructive criticism or a pat on the back, we’re always keen to hear from our customers. Get in touch here.


I know a farmer, can I put them in touch with you?

Absolutely, we’re always looking to get more farmers involved in our mission to enable a sustainable agriculture system. Please contact us for more details.