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Grown Green

We grow organic salads, veggies, herbs, flowers and fruit on our 2.5 acre market garden at Hartley Farm near Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire. Kate and her team have been experimenting with new varieties and colourful crops for over 10 years, to grow the best and freshest, triple award-winning organic produce for both body and mind. We work in harmony with nature (although slugs are never welcome anywhere other than the compost heaps!), rather than relying on pesticides and chemical inputs; and love our armies of ladybirds, hoverflies and toads which keep pesky pests in check.

We have four medium and four small polytunnels for growing food all year round, as well as herb beds, a small currant area, and the field which is broken into 5 patches for our rotation of main crops. We have also recently planted a small fruit orchard.

From edible flowers, juicy heirloom tomatoes and fragrant coriander, basil and oregano, to heartier staples such as mixed colour beetroot, kale, leeks and squash, we have a undimmed passion for growing veg in a sustainable way, and love welcoming visitors to the garden to share in the joy of finding new ways to improve the local and wider environment. We are certified organic with the Soil Association and often hold events and farm tours, as well as volunteer parties to encourage those who might not otherwise get the chance to come and enjoy getting their hands dirty, learning about and celebrating fresh organic food.

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