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Heartwood Poultry

Heartwood Poultry is based at High Carlingill Farm, Cumbria.  We’re a small family-run hill farm with 3/4 mile of the River Lune passing through (sadly no fishing rights). We have 105 acres of land, 6 of which is in the Heartwood. Myself (David) and my wife Christine farm Free Range Chickens, Ducks and Turkeys. Alongside the poultry, we breed Rough Fell and Swaledale Sheep and winter Ayrshire Cattle.

All of the Chickens and the Ducks are free to roam all daylight hours under the shadow of the Heartwood, but obviously, we put them to bed at night to avoid a visit from Mr Fox! The birds are slowly reared on a pure vegetative ration for 12-18 weeks. This enhances the taste and the texture as the bird grows at a slower rate (not like factory-farmed birds at 32-39 days!). The food miles with these birds are measured in a matter of metres as we process onsite. This is better for the environment and better for the bird's welfare.

The birds are slaughtered and traditionally hung for 24 hours - again this helps with taste and texture. They are then traditionally trussed and ready for the oven! The sausages are made from leg meat so there’s no added fat, they’re all 100% chicken.

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