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Living Soil Garden

Living Soil Garden is a no-dig Regenerative Market Garden on Goffin Land, in Exeter, Devon. All of our vegetables are grown on 1/2 acre of permanent beds, cultivated without chemicals, machinery or tillage. Our growing team is composed of Flavia, the head grower, and Dario, who helps with various tasks on a volunteer basis. We are part of Biophilia, a project that aims to regenerate landscapes and ecosystems, create a space for reflection, learning & well-being.

At Living Soil Garden, we aim to grow food while regenerating our landscape and nurturing natural ecosystems. Some believe that tweaking modern agriculture might be enough to produce food without destroying our planet. But we are not interested in this. What is needed, in our view, is to entirely rethink the way we interact with the natural world, and design practices that not only sustain, but regenerate the ecosystems we are part of. To read more about our growing philosophy, check out our blog post on why organic is not enough.

The cornerstones of our practice are:

  • No-dig soil management & zero-chemicals policy
    We never disturb the soil or applying any chemicals, so as to allow microbial, fungal and bacterial life to thrive. This in turn feeds plants, which end up being rich of precious micro-nutrients and minerals.

  • Small-scale growing
    Because we concentrate our work on a small scale, we are committed to using only emission-free, human-powered tools to cultivate our fields.

  • Seasonality & locality
    We grow only seasonal vegetables and sell them locally. This reduces the necessity for energy-intensive ways to lengthen the growing season, and limits the impact of delivering our products to customers.

  • Recyclable & plant-based packaging
    We strive to reduce our waste, both on the field and in the distribution of our vegetables. In order to do so, all of our microgreens are packed in plant-based containers, we offer our customers the option of paper bags and cardboard boxes, and our seeds are started only in durable, re-usable and 100% recycled plastic. We are also trialling ways of completely eliminating plastic from our operations.

  • Soil fertility built from local waste streams
    We do not use any chemical nor organic imported amendments to build the fertility of our soil. All of our compost comes from Coastal Organics, who produce it by recycling green waste from local gardens.

  • Peat-free propagation compost
    Although not even organic standards require it, we avoid all use of peat moss in our growing, as we believe it is an unsustainable source of organic matter.

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