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New Farm Organics

The Edwards family first began farming in Lincolnshire in the 1700’s. Many of the traditional farming methods currently employed by New Farm Organics have been passed on through the generations, from father to son. It is this rich heritage and experience that has been fundamental to New Farm Organics success in pioneering the growth of UK organic farming. New Farm Organics consists of two farms. One of them has been free of pesticides and artificial fertilisers since the 1800’s, with both becoming officially organic in 1988.

New Farm’s respect for traditional farming methods has naturally led to the environmental awareness of all partners. We see environmental awareness as being critical to the success of organic farming and the maintenance of good natural soil quality and growing conditions. Our land is now a haven for wildlife. Very large old hedges provide shelter and food for many species of birds and mammals. With advice from our local Farming, Wildlife Advisory Group forty acres of land has been taken out of arable production and returned to pastureland with ponds and ‘scrapes’ for the birds. Hedges have been planted and wild flower seed sown in the grassland.

We have partnered with Langridge Organic to supply organic fruit and vegetables from across the UK and Europe. Sourced from their network of trusted farms this enables us to offer customers a broader range of produce, especially during the fallow months of Spring and Early Summer.
Langridge Organic have a no-airfreight policy and endeavour to reduce the amount of plastic used for their produce, and we believe this fits the Furrow ethos, as well the expectations of our customers.