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Nestled here in the iconic East Kent Downs, Ottinge Court Farm is the home of Otties Yoghurt. Our rolling hills and green pastures make for perfect dairy country, and cows have been grazing here since the 1920’s. Nine decades later and the herd continues to thrive, now under the stewardship of Jerry and Fergus. The course hasn’t been easy over all these years, but as you might imagine we’ve come to know just a thing or two about milk and the delicate balance between nature and farming.

We’re proud of our dairy traditions that are underpinned by the utmost care for our animals. Indeed that’s what sets our cows apart; they’re part of our family and we’re devoted to making our girls happy. Throughout Summer they enjoy grazing our lush hilly meadows, and in winter they live in large comfy barns on a rich diet of home-grown maize silage. It’s a natural, simple and traditional system which gives our cows regular routines and contented lives.

Our farming practices are also defined by a deep respect for the land. In today’s language, it’s called “Regenerative Agriculture” but for us, it’s always been simple cooperation with nature; minimum disturbance and maximum rehabilitation, in return for great soil health and biodiversity.

It’s an honest hard-working lifestyle that demands out-and-out dedication to the Farm. But in return, we enjoy enormous pride in the welfare of our cows and the first class quality of their milk.

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