Our Story

Our Mission

At Furrow, our mission is to create a fairer market for our producers, our planet, and you. After seeing how our current food system is failing, we realised that a change needed to happen. This change would create a more sustainable future for how our food is grown and delivered; ensuring lower carbon emissions and more money to the people that matter; our farmers.

Many producers work long hours in all weather conditions yet struggle to make ends meet as supermarkets drive down prices, meaning that the livelihood of the farmers that feed us are in jeopardy. We knew that we had to be part of a solution to ensure that this did not continue. So we created Furrow, an online farmer's market, which puts producers and the environment first. With Furrow, the farmers you buy from keep 62% more than when selling through a supermarket, ensuring they receive more than fair pay for their work.

We didn't stop with our producers as we know the way food is delivered to people's homes is something else that drastically needs to change. So we looked at more environmentally-conscious methods of doing things. We opened a micro hub in the South West of London and joined forces with zero-emissions bike delivery company, PedalMe, to deliver to our customers every week, reducing our carbon emissions as much as possible. Everyone benefits, as well as our planet.