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Rebel Farmer

I’m Ed, the Rebel Farmer. I use permaculture principles and regenerative methods to produce completely chemical free produce from a micro-farm in Kent’s Area of Outstanding National Beauty near the Wye on the North Downs. I use a No-Dig method and build my own soil by composting local waste products such as animal muck, bedding and fleece, spent mushroom waste, tree chippings, oak sawdust and even the waste of local breweries. I mimic nature and promote biodiversity above and below ground by using this compost and guilds of planting to grow with the natural power of companion planting to avoid all use of chemicals. I also promote and educate locally on seasonal, local produce and its importance in repairing the landscape, avoiding climate change, and building community resilience. 

I believe there is a direct connection between the health of the soil and the well-being of all the whole natural world. Our gut health is intrinsically connected to that of the soil, directly affecting the mental well-being of us humans who now have the responsibility of restoring its depleted fertility. Think Globally, Act Locally.

The micro-nutrients present in edible plants grown in healthy soil are balanced to provide you with the nutritional boost needed to build immunity to infectious disease and create a strong mental outlook. I take pride in my produce and all the colours, tastes, and textures that go with it. I specialise in leafy and micro greens that do so well in our local climate but I also experiment with growing more exotic, rare and heirloom varieties of crops to provide exciting diversity to your meals.

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