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Sole of Discretion

We are a wild fishery collective of small-scale fishers fishing out of Plymouth Harbour.

We are committed to procuring fish and shellfish that have been caught with as little damage to the marine environment as possible, have contributed to the livelihood of small-scale fishers and their communities, and to get these high quality and delicious fish to your door. 

We are proud to be the first wild fishery in the UK able to use the Soil Association's logo on our packaging.


How fresh is your fish?

The fish is iced at sea and landed overnight and processed that day. If we’ve not sold it by the end of the day we blast freeze it to lock in the freshness. Paradoxically, freezing the fish ensures it is fresher at the point of eating; fish from industrial scale boats generally have a much longer journey before it is frozen. Freezing the fish enables us to take the whole catch and allows us to balance supply and demand (eg. you can still get fish if the boats can’t get out in rough weather). In our blind taste tests we found no impact on flavour or texture, so you can expect fish that tastes as good as ever.

Fresh from Sole of Discretion

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