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The Crafty Pickle Co

Good for your gut & the planet!
We are Arthur and Madi, two nutritionists crafting gut-friendly, unpasteurised, living fermented foods in South East Wales. We're on a mission to reduce food waste by using as much perfectly edible but imperfect or surplus produce as possible to craft our raw, vegan, gut-friendly, naturally nutritious sauerkrauts and kimchi.

One of the oldest forms of food preservation, fermentation has played a significant role in our food system for thousands of years. The preservation power of fermentation allows us to extend the life of perfectly edible fruit & veg for longer in an energy efficient manner.

We LOVE all food pretty or ugly and appreciate the precious resources that go into producing it. Currently 1.3 million tonnes of edible food is wasted each year with 1/3 of food produced never leaving the farm. Commercial food waste combined with at home waste is thought to contribute to 8-10% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. Perfectly edible food should not be going to waste but especially when so many people face food insecurity on a daily basis. Which is why from the start, we have committed to donating a percentage of all sales to address food insecurity in the UK and doing what we can to reduce food waste through our business.

Whether we rescue a single cabbage or cauliflower or we minimise the amount of waste we produce while crafting our products; we believe every little bit can make a difference.

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