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Wealden Meadows

Wealden Meadows Beef & Lamb is located in West Kent, within the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Our cattle graze permanent pasture using a mob grazing system. The livestock is put onto smaller areas of grass and moved regularly. In this system, the cattle eat two-thirds of the grass and trample the rest into the ground, which provides cover for the soil and helps boost fertility by increasing organic matter.

We are passionate about regenerative agriculture and the benefits it delivers for our environment and the animals. The cattle and sheep eat a natural diet and are 100% grass-fed; turning the grass into high-quality meat that is full of flavour.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought into sharp focus the importance and value of strong local supply chains. We work with local abattoirs and neighbouring farms to keep animal journey times to the absolute minimum, and to ensure we are raising native breeds of cattle using systems that are among the best in the world for animal welfare and quality. 

The vision for the future is to grow our herd of Sussex cattle and keep improving our soils. Herbal ley mixtures have been added to some pastures to increase diversity. This includes chicory, which will help maintain grass growth during dry conditions – something which is all too familiar for farmers in the South East.

Fresh from Wealden Meadows

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