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Wild Geese Acres

We are James and Sukamala from Wild Geese Acres. Our produce is grown using no dig growing methods and we follow organic farming principles. We have also re-mineralized the soil here using the dust from crushed volcanic rock. This creates a more robust plant that is packed with macro and micro nutrients. This contributes to human health by delivering bio-available minerals and nutrients and a flavour often found missing in regular shop bought vegetables. We have transformed the land here from a scraggy sheep field to a productive small scale farm packed with wildlife and plants. We produce tasty and nutritious seasonal vegetables, salads, herbs and flowers.

Wild Geese Acres is a 6 acre off-grid small holding on the Somerset/Devon border. Over 90% of our domestic and business energy comes from on-site solar and wind power. We farm a one acre market garden, a one acre apple orchard and a two acre newly planted native species woodland. These trees and the rest of the open pasture form an agro-forestry project for our growing herd of Kune Kune pigs. 

We are dedicated to working with nature and as tenants of the Ecological Land Coop have made a commitment to sustainable agriculture. We have transformed a neglected field into a bio-diverse smallholding fit for future generations and responsive to the ongoing climate emergency.

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