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Wookey Farm

Wookey Farm is a 42 acre farm situated at the foot of the Mendip Hills and on the edge of the Somerset Levels. We started our farm in 2010 with a handful of goats and a desire to make a successful farm business on a small scale. We now have up to 150 goats depending on the time of year, divided between meat and dairy. Our dairy herd are mainly British Toggenburg goats who produce deliciously creamy milk, ideal for cheese making. We process all the milk here at the farm and have been making a range of dairy products since 2014 with an increased range in summer when the goats are at their peak yield. We were keen to see the food process through from start to finish and to help others have a better understanding of where their food comes from so we run school visits, open days and children's activity days.

We aim to follow the natural rhythm of the goats so they kid in the spring, produce milk for 10 months then dry off for the final 2 months before they kid again. We leave all the kids on their mothers so they get all the goodness from the colostrum and then grow naturally from their mother's milk. When we feel the nannies have enough milk, we share the milk with the kids until they reach weaning age at 3 months old.

All our goats go outside in the summer and on sunny days and then live in cosy straw filled barns in the winter. We don't use any pesticides or artificial fertilisers on our grass meadows, from which we make hay or haylage to feed them in the winter. 

As well as the dairy goats, we also rear boer-cross-toggenburg kids and male toggenburg kids for meat sales. Goat meat is increasing in popularity and is a wonderfully lean, healthy meat. All the boys have plenty of space to run around inside and out and we feed them a natural diet so they mature gradually and develop more flavour.

Goats are delightfully curious animals with individual personalities, highly intelligent and excellent escape artists!

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