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Natural Set Yoghurt

Natural Set Yoghurt

Stroud Micro Dairy

Raw (unpasteurised) natural set yoghurt full of taste and nutrients!

What is Raw Yoghurt?


Suitable for vegetarians

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About Stroud Micro Dairy

We’re a husband and wife duo (Kees and Alice) running Stroud Micro Dairy - a small dairy farm producing delicious raw milk, kefir and yoghurt. We take great care of our cows, meaning their delicious and nutritious milk is safe to drink unpasteurised. All we do is strain and chill the milk, meaning it retains all its vitamins, proteins and other healthy goodness, while also tasting so much better!  

We take a regenerative approach to farming, promoting natural ecosystems and plant and soil health and biodiversity. Using permaculture, biodynamics and organic farming methods, the cows on our farm have a positive regenerative effect on the land and environment.  

All of our products are Biodynamic and ethical. The dairy cows keep their calves for 3 months after birth. They’re much happier as a result, and the calves get to ease into their transition to independence as members of the dairy herd (for the girls) or members of the neighbouring beef herd (for the boys). 

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